When it comes to Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH), not all US states are on the same page. From the drunk bros in Florida to the unidentifiable tech creatures down in Silicon Valley, opinions may vary. Speaking of opinions, a recent study has revealed the top 10 US states that are most interested in Crypto. Specifically, the research focuses on Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) as the two leading assets. And the results, are pretty much as one would expect. With California leading the way, the tax paying, homeless loving and of course Covid fearing citizens sure love their crypto. But, the ex-Californians moving to Austin have put the lone star states on the top 10 list which is the opposite of don’t California my Texas. Let’s take a closer look at the study.

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Across the State Line

CoinGecko, a leading cryptocurrency data aggregator has revealed the top 10 US states interested in Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH). Obviously, California is on top of the list by a long shot but the rest may surprise you (or not).

The research focuses on Bitcoin and Ethereum between May 2nd and august 21st. With that, the firm has measured the two asset’s web traffic on their platform to find the highest interest comes from which states. Putting California aside as the number one, Illinois and New York came in second and third on the list.

However, California has had over one third of all Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) web traffic on CoinGecko. So, when the central banking system collapses, the Californians are probably readiest to and on their feet.

“Surpassing all states, California makes up 43% of total Bitcoin and Ethereum web page traffic on CoinGecko, in the United States, signaling the highest interest in these cryptocurrencies.

Following California, other contenders in the top 10 are Illinois, New York, Florida, Washington, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Georgia and Arizona.”

Bitcoin (BTC) Vs. Ethereum (ETH)

Interestingly, Bitcoin’s dominancy has continued in all US states. Yet, in states like Colorado, Wisconsin, New Jersey and Florida, Ethereum (ETH) has a larger market cap.

In a total of 20 states, BTC was largely dominant with a market share of more than 75%. These states include California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Georgia, Maryland, Utah and Massachusetts.

Surely, this BTC Vs. ETH argument could very soon turn into a political debate. For the most part, the left side of the spectrum will pick Ethereum (ETH) as the green cryptocurrency using Proof of Stake. On the other hand, the Right w take the opposite side supporting BTC.


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