For as long as markets have been around, the Analyst has tried to tell people what will happen next. Ultimately, considering this prophesier figure suffers from a kind heart that only beats when others make money. Considering how the analyst operates in a competitive environment, we remain focused on the crypto expert kind. Keep in mind that if any prediction proves false, the analyst avoids responsibility simply because he was sharing info out of love and compassion. In reality, you would have to pay a little bit of money or even none for investment advice from him. Regardless of who you might be, the analyst will take your hand and lead you to wealth and lamborghinis. If you truly listen to his calling, the market will only be an open book for you to read from behind his insightful eyes.

Technical and Fundamental

Cryptocurrencies have a perplex market to say the least. There are endless elements that can affect the market on various scales. Some try to make sense of it by technical analysis, others look for fundamental elements. However, life doesn’t have to be that hard! Just open Twitter or Instagram and read away all the predictions. In fact, while you’re at it, enjoy some of the suspenseful and curiosity provoking titles such as “Here is what’s next for Bitcoin” or “these altcoins will go to the moon”.

And honestly, they do a good job convincing the reader to agree with their analysis. They share charts with some red lines and dots pointing out the highs and lows and illustrating the price channels.

The question remains, why would someone who is blessed with such foresight, share it with others. Well, they’re not in it for the money, but only to tell what is coming next, just like Noah. Kindness is not a virtue, but rather a mission for the analyst since he lives and breathes for the goal of sharing life-changing financial information with the masses.

Believe the Analyst

As boomers would remember, back in the old days, brokers gave people financial advice and analysis-based predictions. Later on, investors preferred analysis from independent experts and paid them for it. Yet, these days you can easily find analysis articles on the internet for free.

By taking a look at this evolutionary process, we can see that as time goes by, caring and sharing grows in our society. What was once considered as expensive and difficult to find, is now readily available on all your devices.

Although the analyst makes insane money from social media and sponsorship contracts, remember that he’s not in it for the money. Even though his predictions are seldom wrong, the analysis articles are free of charge. At the end of the day, just remember that there will be no consequences for false predictions.


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