The nerd, the quantitative or the logical university graduate of finance, it is all the same. A victim of our dystopian post-modern world where nothing matters and everything is funny. The nerd is the soulless bro who navigates through finance with his inductive methods of absolute boredom. Yes, my dear readers, welcome, to the tale of the nerd.

The Wretched journey of The Nerd

Born to be a critical thinker, the nerd has done all his homework flawlessly, he has studied in finance and knows everything about everything. He is an outstanding professional in technical analysis and a phenomenal fundamental analyst. However, one might compare him to the F117 Nighthawk, perfect on paper, with stretching muscles of a bodybuilder and the stealth of a ninja combined promising of winning every battle. But once in the field, it is shot down by the Serbs. The point is, he fails miserably.

The nerd has accumulated so much knowledge in his or her short life. He has read all the books on Finance and listens to the Lex Fridman podcast all the time. In an effort to stay organized, he cleans his room just as Jordan Peterson tells him to and has a picture of Alan Greenspan on his walls.

Sadly, almost all his strategies fail to grasp the essence of what finance is today. It is his tragic flaw to disassociate his heart from the decisions he makes. Yes, ADA looks very good both on fundamental and technical analysis, Yes, Ethereum is like literally printing money out of thin air. But, the path of the gallant is determined by the heart.

The Heartless Nerd

In the perplexing times of post-pandemic, in the times of oncoming hyperinflation and energy crisis, it is only our humor that can save us. Everything is funny and nothing really matters. DeFi platforms are great but who cares about them when you have a pup coin like FLOKI?

The answers are blowing in the wind, open your heart and purge your mind of all logic. Buy Shiba Inu, Buy DOGE, Buy FLOKI, Buy SQUID (a coin for the Netflix series Squid Game). There is no Shitcoin, all definitions are subjective.

And this is where the nerd trembles. This is why he cries himself to sleep. A cosmic misalignment with the universe. What his beloved indicators fail to tell him is that our world cares so little for the thinkers. Finance of today is all about them memes. The finance of today is all about overleveraged long positions on every possible thing that may or may not exist. Finance of today serves the Elon Musk who saves Tesla from bankruptcy by posting pics of his Shiba Inu dog and dressing someone as a robot to dance on a stage. Finance these days is bored and wants to hear all your jokes and reward you with 4000% profit.

This is the Way

The nerd is a story of “what if”, a man of lost opportunities. The cool guys made fun of him in school and the anonymous bros with pseudonymous anime character names are making fun of him now. Naturally, the nerd is bitter these days with an extra bearish outlook on the market. He keeps on telling us of massive upcoming collapses on both economic and social structures if we keep on being happy and making money out of it. But, that is just him being salty.


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