Every year, payments systems evolve and upgrade to keep up with the competition. In this article we will provide a Perfect Money review for 2022 to see if the e-transfer system is still relevant. But more importantly, we try to answer whether Perfect Money is actually perfect or not. With that, we have a pros and cons list to take an objective look in this Perfect Money review. On top of that, you will learn how HiExchange can provide a safe and secure exchange platform for all your PM transfers.

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What is Perfect Money?

Perfect Money is an e-currency for making payments on the internet. It is widely accepted as payment option by countless platforms. With Perfect Money, you can do a lot! Be it transferring funds to others or pay for goods and services. Or how about buying cryptocurrencies or even buying fiat currencies. It is a seriously popular payment method for online users. An additional capability is to loan and receipt issuance throughout the system.

The biggest downside of Perfect Money, however, is that you cannot cash Perfect money to your bank account on its website directly. For that, you will need a platform like HiExchange to exchange your Perfect Money to PayPal and other e-currencies.

To learn all about Perfect money continue reading “What is Perfect Money”.

Perfect Money Voucher

It is easy, it is affordable and it is anonymous a lot like the HiExchange Platform! The E-Voucher is the solution to some of our biggest payment problems. The electronic voucher is a method of payment that is redeemable instantly. The user pays a specific amount of funds and creates a voucher. Then, the information for the voucher can easily be delivered to the receiver and they will have the choice to redeem the payment anytime they want. Much like a gift card or a bank check, the voucher will hold the value permanently since the payment has already been made.

Although there are numerous applications for this, here are some of the common utilities:

  • You can create a voucher to make payments when you don’t have access to your Perfect Money account.
  • Perfect Money E-Voucher is a good method of payment when you don’t carry cash or traveling abroad.
  • As a service provider, users can receive vouchers if they don’t wish to reveal their account address.
  • Send your loved ones a voucher instead of a gift card

Perfect Money E-Voucher does not cost users a lot of money to make! You can simply go to HiExchange and create your voucher immediately with the lowest fees. On top of that, unlike a majority of exchanges, HiExchange does not require KYC (know your customer) or even a sign up process. It is truly fast and truly anonymous.

Lear how to create a Perfect Money E-Voucher

Perfect Money Review

Unfortunately, Perfect Money does have some flaws and depending on the context, it could fall behind other payment systems. In that regard, you should always know the specific details about service providers. Here are some of the notable pros and cons for Perfect Money review:


  • Instant transactions on deposit and withdrawal
  • Diversity in options for deposit and withdrawal
  • 4% interest rate per year on account
  • Assets are secure
  • Very low transaction fees


  • Premium account is difficult to attain
  • The English language on the official website is confusing at best
  • The founder remains anonymous
  • Few online businesses support PM
  • Minimum balance of $100 and minimum wire deposit of $300
  • Certified exchange service provider can charge their own fees

Certified Partner: HiExchange

As mentioned, Perfect Money certified partners can charge extra exchange fees on transactions. On top of that, they will also have access to user information hence the exchange process is not anonymous. However, HiExchange platform eliminates both these problems and provides a perfect exchange service for the user. HiExchange is a certified Perfect Money partner.

To begin with, HiExchange does not charge any exchange fees on Perfect Money transactions. With that, you will be sure to pay the least amount of commission on each transaction.

As for anonymity, HiExchange does not require KYC or sign up. So, your information will be safe and the transaction will remain anonymous.

As for the cherry on top, the platform does also provide online 24/7 customer support.

Subsequently, it is worth mentioning in this Perfect Money review that choosing the right exchange service provider is actually very important for PM users.

Conclusion, Perfect Money Review

In general, Perfect Money is actually solid and good. However, the biggest downside is the small network of online businesses supporting PM. That remains to be the biggest bummer for the network. On top of that, choosing the right exchange service provider is very important but HiExchange ticks all the right boxes for that. The Perfect Money e-voucher is actually great and has so many use cases.