This is how it works, life is easy in the metaverse. You work there, you live there and most definitely party in the metaverse. A world of endless opportunities, as you are given absolute liberty to do what your heart desires. Killing noobs on the weekends? Well, how about killing noobs on Sabbath? After all, a decentralized future knows no boundaries.

Enter the Metaverse

Plug in your RTX 3090 and break free of the disgusting physical reality. Walk in the world of your dreams and let go of all that is real. Let your phantom sensation devour your soul as you hunt down Avatars in the EA Games servers.

Imagine a world where money does not matter, just plug in your RTX 3090 and let it mine whatever coin its heart desires. After all, this is the decentralized future Elon Musk and Michael Saylor and Vitalik Buterin promised us. This is the future where you don’t have to work, money is made completely passively. Fiat money is dead, so are the central bankers. All the wealth is mined and distributed on the blockchain network. A future where all the markets are having 17000% growth every single day.

And most importantly, in this future there are no rich people. All the crypto whales have donated their assets to charity. You can see them dancing on the streets of metaverse with others singing the songs of joy and fellowship.

Mark Zuckerberg is catching Pokémons in his backyard and no longer cares about money. Satoshi Nakamoto is still anonymous and The queen of England has an NFT collection on OpenSea.

And you, my fellow decentralized blockchain based friend, you are free. You have an NFT wife, an NFT house and a Non-Fungible Token of a child. You are Happy, anonymously with low gas fees.

As I Walk into the Metaverse

You might be wondering, how is this future possible with all the benefits? The answer is Web 3.0 and DApps as well as the Artificial Intelligence. In near future, Elon Musk will give humanity free electricity with zero pollution, all we need to do is to buy Tesla stocks right now. Also, Shiba Inu will grow a million percent in 2022 making everybody a billionaire. With that, all fiat based markets will collapse and gold will be worth zero.

To make it happen, we must have faith in the words of tech billionaires. They want what is best for us. At the end of the day, how can you not trust someone who has multiple billions of dollars. They have won life; they have all the money. At this point, all they truly want is to make the lives of other easy and beautiful. It makes no sense to pursuit power or dominance over others. The only reason Bill Gates wakes up early every day is to make the world great again. Otherwise, they would be either mad or evil to work.

Long story short, Metaverse is the future where you will only win and can never lose. Life is easy in the metaverse.


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