If you’re looking to cash out your USDT and exchange Tether to AdvCash, HiExchange is the ultimate platform to do the job. Essentially, AdvCash is a digital wallet that offers a multitude of financial services at an affordable cost. On the bright side, the transactions are instant and cost very little or nothing. However, if you own cryptocurrencies, you will have to find an exchange platform to deposit into AdvCash. For the most part, Tether USDT is something that we all use as investors. USDT transactions are also instant and have low transaction fees. With that, HiExchange offers the ultimate plan to exchange Tether to AdvCash without paying any added fees. On top of that, you will have full anonymity as well as 24/7 online support. In this article, we will go over everything you need to exchange Tether to AdvCash on HiExchange.

Learn How to Exchange AdvCash to PayPal

What Do I Need to Exchange Tether to AdvCash?

For this exchange direction, you will need a verified and active AdvCash account to receive the funds. Furthermore, you will have to have a reliable crypto wallet to send the Tether USDT. As for HiExchange, all you need is an email address and there is no KYC (know your customer) required. However, there are numerous benefits for those who sign up on HiExchange. Want a good reason why? You can win $100 gifts on HiExchange every single month!

What is AdvCash?

AdvCash is a currency used for online payments. It is based in Belize which provides immunity from national laws of other countries for it. As an offshore currency, it is also encrypted much like cryptocurrencies and benefits from better anonymity and security. The Advance Cash company provides an account for users that allows for a variety of currencies to operate through it. In many ways, it is a lot like Payeer.

And much like Payeer, AdvCash supports transfers in both fiat and cryptocurrency form. With a virtual wallet, users can transfer funds and make payments with very low commission. What makes it interesting, is that Advance Cash is also compatible with other payment systems such as WebMoney or Perfect Money. With free international transfers, users get to enjoy a wide variety of currencies all in a virtual wallet. Furthermore, there are both physical and virtual bank cards available for quick and cheap international Visa/Mastercard payments.

The company was founded in 2014 as a competitor for PayPal and much like its peers, it has gained notable success in the past few years. As the need for virtual banking grows, online payment processing companies continue to narrow the gap with PayPal. Although, such companies are not as popular as PayPal, they offer a lot more freedom.

Continue reading “What is AdvCash” to learn everything about Advanced Cash.

Why Tether USDT?

To answer this question, we must first talk about what Tether is. To put it simply, Tether is a stablecoin. The term stablecoin refers to the stable value of the currency. To make that happen, the value of a stablecoin like Tether is pegged to a fiat currency which it represents. In case of Tether, it is pegged to US dollar. For every 1 Tether that is out there, there is $1 USD held by the company.

This stable value gives investors the opportunity to benefit from a blockchain based coin that does not fluctuate in value.

Furthermore, Tether simultaneously operates on two blockchains. ERC20 which is on Ethereum network and TRC20 that is on Tron network. Generally speaking, TRC20 Tether is much faster in transactions and maintains much lower transaction fees. We recommend you to use TRC20 as much as possible due to better performance.


Every exchange platform must maintain three important characteristics. Anonymity, affordability and reliability. We pride ourselves as a professional platform that offers all three.

For anonymity, HiExchange requires no KYC or even a sign up process. The best way to protect your information is to not share them with anyone. And for that, we respect our customers and do not ask for their personal info.

As for affordability, HiExchange utilizes an automated system to determine the best exchange rates at any moment. By doing so, we have managed to stay on top of the ranks on websites such as Bestchange and OkChanger.

Lastly, reliability is ensured for our customers with 24/7 online support. In case anything goes wrong, you will have our immediate support until the issue is resolved.

How to Exchange Tether to AdvCash?

  1. Enter the homepage first, then select Tether (either TRC20 or ERC20) on the left field and AdvCash on the right. Enter the amount you want to exchange and wait for the exchange rate to apply.
  2. Press Exchange and you will go to the next stage where you will enter your AdvCash address details and email address.
  3. One more time, click on the “Exchange” button and you will go to the next step where you will review your order.
  4. Complete the captcha and click on “exchange” to go to the next step where you will obtain a tracking ID. At this point, you will have the HiExchange wallet address to send the Tether to.  After you have transferred your USDT, click on Pay Order button. Don’t forget to attach the screenshot for the Tether payment. your order will process swiftly.
  5. By finishing all the steps above, our team of professionals will send the AdvCash to your wallet ASAP.


Just like that, you have now exchanged Tether to AdvCash. In general, AdvCash payments don’t take very long to process. Give it a few minutes and the AdvCash will be in your wallet quickly. In the meantime, you can follow up on your order using the Track ID provided for you. Simply enter the track id in the required section on homepage to see at which point your order is. Remember not to share your Track ID with anyone else.