Crypto Industry is starting to attract serious capital investment as venture capital funding skyrockets in 2021. Love or hate the pandemic, it was an awesome time to hold cryptocurrencies as hodlers accumulated on them 1000% returns. A recent research by PitchBook shows the crypto industry has had over $27 billion invested by venture capitalists.

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Numbers Don’t Lie

Undoubtedly, the crypto market has been the best investment for large institutions in 2021. However, considering how the crypto industry favors the early adopters, large firms have been throwing money all over crypto start-ups.

In a recent article by New York Times, the research indicates a massive rise in investment.  As of late November 2021, the crypto industry has had more than $27 billion invested which is over four times more than last year’s.

Who is Chipping in?

According to the research, a vast majority of the investments come from the venture capital arms of crypto companies. Furthermore, the companies who rely on the development of the ecosystem are in second place.

Coinbase is the biggest player in the game as their investment arm open-heartedly supports start-ups. Primarily, Coinbase is interested in companies who operate in three primary sections. First, the companies active in building infrastructure such as Solana. Second, those who offer financial services or DeFi services. Lastly, companies working on metaverse.

As of late 2021, Coinbase Ventures is the top investor in the sector. They have made more deals than any other firm.

Why the Crypto Industry?

Two words come two mind as to why the crypto industry is set to take over the world: Web 3.0 and Metaverse. Many experts believe that the blockchain network can help revolutionize the internet. Metaverse is already a trending topic of conversation full of promises. In any case, the crypto industry is not done by any means. As the blockchain networks continue to prove utility and capability, new possibilities emerge.

Despite that, there are clear similarities between the crypto start-up investments today and the Dot-Com bubble which can be concerning.


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