All the crypto haters, where do they all belong? You see him on the subway coming back from work. A man of sincere pessimism, reliant on Obamacare. He who cares not about passive income but appreciates free coffee in his office. A man who finds markets to be just another form of gambling with extra steps. It is right my fellow Cryptoknights, it is indeed the tale of the crypto hater.

A Life Worth Living

Arthur Schopenhauer would describe this man a “sage”. A man who rejects the Will-to-Life and overrides all desires. This noble effort will surely cause the crypto hater to reject any hustle and live a peaceful and stable life. Stability is a keyword here, since the crypto hater will have lots and lots of it. Living in the same house for decades? Yes. Riding the same car for decades? Well yes again. Struggling with mortgage and refinancing the house might be persistent but it is stability and it is good.

Upon talking to this righteous fellow, he will tell you how risking your capital on cryptocurrencies is a tragic mistake. The hater will let you know how what goes up must come down and the almost $3 trillion-dollar market is all fake. Despite the 17000% growth Solana has had, he calls it a bad investment. The crypto hater community is diverse in nature. In general, they could be divided into two categories. The active and the passive haters.

The active community has knowledge and information regarding cryptocurrencies and the market. They hit you with facts and logic about how the market will collapse this week. Only to be let down by Shiba Inu’s next rally the day after. The active hater community has predicted 8 out of the 7 market crashes so far.

On the other hand, the passive hater community does not know and does not care. They have bigger fish to fry, like their legal fees for divorce. They just hate crypto for what it is.

Crypto Hater’s Plan

You may ask, but does he really enjoy stagnancy? Or is he looking for financial solutions to improve his status. To answer that, we must row upon the shallow waters of boomer lifestyle.

Of course he wants a better life, and his vision is pursued by starting a restaurant or investing in real estate. He might even flip cars for a while.  Better yet, the stock market is the only market he can trust. After all, the SEC is looking out for investors like him and the market can never collapse. You see, all cryptocurrencies are fraud but the wall-street boys are all good and forward-thinking. IPO’s are supervised by the SEC and safe but ICO’s are the wretched resurrection of evil.

Long and short of it, he seeks to improve his account balance by playing it safe. Because you have to work for 40 long years to be able to afford an SUV. This is what he believes, you have to work 40 hours a week for thousands of weeks so you could finally be able to relax on a beach. Money should be earned with years of excruciating labor and arthritis. It is true that he suffers behind a desk for days on end, but at least he is not worried about his portfolio.


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