The Bitcoin miner has been making our lives better for quite a long time. You may not know it, but it takes millions of computers to handle 4.6 transactions per second on the Bitcoin network. So let us all take a moment and thank the Bitcoin miner for his hard labor. Surely, a vast majority of the chip shortage is his fault. Definitely, the fact that you have to pay double for a PS5 or a graphic card is his doing. But, it will all payoff in a decentralized future where Satoshi takes down the central banks and makes everyone equally rich.

Thank You Bitcoin Miner

Two Russian billionaires walk into a bar. One (let’s call him Igor) sees the other and goes “Hey, I have the same suit you’re wearing; how much did you pay for it?” The other (this one is Oleg) responds “$5000 dollars!” Igor looks at him with a smug look and says” You idiot, I bought the same suit for $6000”.

The point is, even though the chip shortage is making us pay more than the designated price, it makes us feel like a Russian billionaire. There is a sense of raw power in being able to buy a Nintendo switch from a scalper at three times the price. And to make it even better, these hard times will lead us into a future with no fiat currency. After all, why not trust the libertarians for once?

BTC is a Trojan Horse Bro

Remember the 4.6 transactions per second on Bitcoin network? The Solana has 50,000 transactions per second and consumes much lower energy to do so. However, Bitcoin is better in the eyes of the Bitcoin miner. This rationality is justified by a simple fact. There is a secret that all governments in the world are unaware of. And before we drop the “T” bomb on you, make sure to keep it hush-hush.

Politicians don’t know this but the libertarian crypto brotherhood is slowly bringing down the capitalist world economy. Bitcoin is a Trojan horse, it makes money from electricity and is “mathematically pure”. But, governments see this and get greedy. They invest in mining and make money. In the meantime, the crypto market gains dominance and weakens the conventional fiat markets. With enough time passed, Bitcoin will bring down every single government as they succumb to the will of people.

This information is top-secret and no politician or regulator or even strategist has even thought about it before.

Fight the Power!

The Bitcoin miner is at war. A noble war fought not for capital but for liberation. And at times of war, you will have to wait in line to buy anything with a chip inside it. At times of war, millions of ASICs have to pollute the air and heat up the planet. Power outages and environmental damages are simply casualties.

The Bitcoin miner is not alone in this war however. There is a mining council that decides the fate of all investors. Just like they decided to create a supply shock in October and make Bitcoin great again.  Never mind the bear market for the rest of the 2021 and billions in liquidations. This will all make sense in a few years when we live in metaverse and brag about how much we paid for our legendary skins.


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