“Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.” ah yes! In a world full of Trader Bros, in a bombardment of bullish and bearish signals, it had to be a hamster to outperform some of the most educated traders.

 A witty user on Twitter named @Mrgoxx has been kicking names and taking stonks lately. Putting a hamster in a designed box, the movements and decisions of the Trading hamster is rigged to decisions in trading cryptocurrencies.

Taking a look at the picture, the primary idea looks simple yet the execution is eerily difficult. Starting from June 12, the trading hamster has been trading a variety of cryptocurrencies in its portfolio.

To begin with, Mr goxx walks down the “intention wheel” to choose from one of 30 cryptocurrencies. So far, some of his favorites have been ADA, Tron, XRP and ETH.

The second step is to decide whether to buy or sell. To proceed with the decision, he has to go through one of the two “decision tunnels”. Unbothered by Twitter pros, the hamster strolls through a tunnel and makes money along the way. Finally, capitalism is brought to its knees by a hamster.

In terms of performance, so far the portfolio is up 24% since the beginning. An annoyingly impressive figure that outperforms S&P 500. Starting with $390 dollars, utilizing $20 incremental trades, the trading hamster has now made $77. However, much like all of us, the Fin-Ratatouille has not been safe from the recent plunges.

As for the latest signals, you can watch him live on Twitch.

The Trading Hamster has a Point!

This humbling phenomenon is yet another reminder that the insanely perplex market is too crazy to comprehend. Sometimes, madness works. Our technical and fundamental analysis are subjective, they can and they will fail. So perhaps, Master Splinter here can teach us not to invest huge sums of our savings on crypto. Or even worse, trust signal sellers on social media.

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